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Last year our CSR-team conducted a sound in-depth materiality analysis with Encavis' Executive Board and Sustainability Management and defined corresponding sustainability targets (see Sustainability Report 2020 on Reports and Presentations · encavis.com). In its second sustainability report, Encavis now transparently presents progress made on achieving its goals in line with the central theme “We left basecamp”. An important milestone: Encavis has successfully assessed its company carbon footprint and presents the results in its Sustainability Report 2021.

True to the motto "The sun goes up," the Encavis One Digital Report 2021 unfolds like the rising sun – from the bottom up. A prominently placed video interview on the topic of sustainability emphasizes the commitment of the Executive Board right at the beginning of the website. The video is followed by appealing, informative content in the dimensions of People, Planet and Profit at Encavis in an airy modern and friendly bright corporate design. Large images on the chapter markers provide visual highlights in the comprehensive PDF version of the sustainability report.