Our management team ensures that everything revolves around one thing: our customers. In every project. Always a little bit better. Complemented by over 50 experts: individually great, together unbeatable.

Paul Maibach

Director Digital & Film

Paul Maibach

The Digital Native -
Always on tour

With more than 15 years of experience as an IT consultant and web application developer, Paul is responsible for the implementation of the web projects at the Silvester Group. He is also a specialist in usability and UX. He likes challenges, dealing with new technologies and has a great affinity for photography and moving images. In collaboration with project and design teams, he develops in the “Digital & Film “innovative, individual digital solutions.

Petra Hansen

Partner Communications & ESG

Petra Hansen

The leadership -
All threads in one hand

As an executive consultant with more than 20 years of professional experience, Petra knows pretty much all the challenges in corporate and financial communication. She has already convinced many company directors with her clear language and her fresh demeanor. Whether conception or project management - Petra works analytically and structured and leads each team safely and competently to the goal. There is a lot of laughter and unpleasant things are addressed and remedied immediately.

Thilo M. Tern

Managing partner Consulting & ESG

Thilo Tern

The strategist -
Looking back, looking ahead - simply visionary

Thilo has been doing business for 20 years and while studying at the European Business School (ebs) in Germany, France and the USA. After founding and selling an internet start-up in New Economy times, he worked in an international strategy consultancy. In 2006 Thilo switched back to the entrepreneurial side in order to advise customers even more specifically, to develop powerful concepts and to actively implement them. Thilo has many innovative ideas so that we and our customers never get bored. Digitization, industry and communication 4.0 may come!

Sandra Forkel

Head of Digital Design, Branding & Communications

Sandra Forkel

The media maker -
Always on the move

Sandra is always on the move in terms of sports and also keeps us professionally fit. So she drives the “Digital & Film ”. In doing so, she uses her many years of experience in financial communication and converts dry numbers into moving infographics and vivid graphs. Sandra also takes over the directing and the camera when filming. Always cheeky, happy and free, she tickles the best performance out of all actors.

Marie Asmussen

Senior Project Manager Communications & ESG

Marie Asmussen

The Queen of Project -
With heart, charm and style

Marie has over 10 years of professional experience in project management. Based on classic advertising, she quickly became enthusiastic about numbers and finance. This is also noticeable in their projects. She has a full eye on every budget and lives out her creativity in texting. Fortunately, everything is digital, because she often cannot read her handwriting herself. Her empathetic and committed nature makes her a favorite of customers and colleagues.

Christina Rahtgens

Managing Partner Communications & ESG

Christina Rahtgens

The communications expert -
with a lot of love for digital

Christina brings over 20 years of professional experience in strategic management consulting to our group. Whether online or print - Christina knows a lot about corporate publishing. As with Roland Berger and Axel Springer Corporate Solutions, she advises our customers today on the further development of digital communication (especially Employer branding and digital workplace concept) as well as in change and agile project management. Good communication makes them happy - both in everyday interaction and in developing the right form of communication for our customers.

Lena von Cube

Senior Project Manager Consulting & ESG

Lena von Cube

The Sovereigns -
A good feeling for quality

Lena has been in the IR business since 2011. Whether small or large projects, whether writing texts, editing or proofreading - Lena very conscientiously, precisely and patiently ensures high quality in her projects. In doing so, she keeps an overview and her good mood even in stressful moments. The red pencil - always in her hand - and her strict eye for detail reveal every mistake.

Kerstin Kelling

Director Consulting & ESG

Kerstin Kelling

The organizational talent -
Everything in the workflow

With her 25 years of professional experience in advising and implementing investor relations and communication projects, Kerstin knows exactly how to manage projects efficiently. She is perfectly organized, focused and leads her customers safely and empathetically to their destination. Her soft spot for creativity, design and text enables the perfect interplay of content and form.

Natalia Kilber

Senior Art Director Design, Branding & Communications

Natalia Kilber

The shooting expert -
Ready, shoot, go!

For more than 10 years, Natalia has been developing creative graphic concepts that have already conquered the world of business reporting. As a shooting expert, she has a special eye for imagery and takes every project forward constructively and with commitment. She pours text into a layout in a matter of seconds, builds tables and graphics and is always relaxed and in a good mood. The balance between children and career keeps Natalia dynamic and fit.

Bernd Maczeyzik

Partner Financial Communications

Bernd Maczeyzik

The CFO with a heart -
Everything under control

As a former CFO with IPO expertise and more than 30 years of professional experience, Bernd knows all the challenges and pitfalls in corporate and financial communication. With a good sense of consistency checks and plausibility checks, Bernd contributes significantly to the high quality of the figures. His personable and committed nature makes Bernd a trusted person with customers and colleagues.