Silvester Group

Code of Conduct

The work culture at Silvester Group – including our customer relationships – is characterized by an atmosphere of respect, openness, and collaboration. Whether it's about sustainability and ethics, teamwork or our relationships with customers, our Code of Conduct forms the foundation and serves as a daily compass.

Code of Conduct (PDF)
Whistleblower system

Ethical and legally compliant behaviour determines the business activities of the Silvester Group. If employees suspect violations of laws, guidelines, or regulations or if they suspect cases of bullying, discrimination or other forms of disregard, they have extensive options to contact their superiors, HR or a person of trust designated specifically for this purpose.

In addition, the Silvester Group has set up a whistleblower system that enables anonymous reports of violations of applicable law, internal guidelines, or the Silvester Group's Code of Conduct. If such information is available, it can be sent via the following reporting channel:

Whistle Report (