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WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE WIN – That is the bold way GFG dives into the image part of their annual report 2022. They have a very convincing (equity) story to tell, and we love to help them tell it while using their gorgeous fashion photo shooting material to make their annual report shine like no other. Call-outs throughout the report point to important information for the stakeholders, important key arguments are collected at the beginning of each chapter and a comprehensive chapter numbering system eases the navigation throughout the report. All this is only possible if a dedicated team of finance and IR experts, strategists and designers works closely with the customer on the content.

For GFG, we created a holistic communication that optimally presents the corporate vision of „THE #1 FASHION & LIFESTYLE DESTINATION IN GROWTH MARKETS“ to stakeholders. The annual report with the strong image chapter and the associated communication (earnings presentation, factsheet) pay tribute to the young, digital, and market-specific image of the fashion start-up and reflect the ambitious goals of the rapidly growing company.

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