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With its two sister publications, Grünenthal proudly demonstrates both its best financial performance ever and its highly responsible approach to environmental, economic and social issues: The new Grünenthal Report and the first Grünenthal Responsibility Report focus on appealing, informative content and transparent reporting. Along the corporate vision “A World free of Pain”, the corporate report presents Strategy & Growth and Cutting-Edge Science & Tech – and is deeply scientific and entertaining at the same time. Through a comprehensive strategy development along Grünenthal’s fields of action Patient, People, Planet as well as Compliance, Ethics & Transparency and the fulfillment of the GRI standards, the first Responsibility Report not only impresses with its appearance, but also with well-founded content verified by external auditors.

The symbiosis of corporate and responsibility report is presented in short and precise texts with very meaningful graphics. The common thread uniting the two reports is a deep sense of responsibility for patients around the world. The publications are united by a modern, technical look "from a single source" and a clear design with plenty of white space. The striking corporate green highlights the strategic elements, while stylized X-ray images symbolize the increased transparency provided by the Responsibility Report. In their printed version, both publications can be "pushed together" to form a single document, thus highlighting the close ties between the company and its responsibility.