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In midstream and always different: our laser report! In electronics and Industry 4.0, the use of the high-precision laser beam as a tool is indispensable. Under the guiding principle “right in the middle”, we clarify in the annual report how LPKF enables precise and efficient production methods. An exciting topic for our conceptionsince since a lot of LPKF is in our everyday life. With sample applications, photo motifs from product lines and R&D as well as illustrations, we design stories around the laser.

Transparency and a solid presentation of the high-tech business model are the basis of our support for corporate communications at LPKF. This has become tangible in the new company presentations and many of the key visuals we have designed.

The LPKF Laser & Electronics AG in Hanover-Garbsen is a highly specialized machine builder in the laser industry and a global leader in laser-based production processes. The company develops and manufactures laser systems that are used, among other things, in the manufacture of electronic components.

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