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Commit and Deliver - The TOM TAILOR GROUP is one of the well-known fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe. With its two brands TOM TAILOR and BONITA, the group sells fashionable clothing and accessories in the mid-price segment. The listed company was founded in Hamburg in 1962.

The current annual report takes up the core idea of the new corporate strategy with the topic “Commit and Deliver”. The 2017 financial year was a transition year for the company, in which measures were taken that had a long-term positive effect on the profitability of the TOM TAILOR GROUP. The cover picture, on which a man rolls up his sleeves, illustrates the promise that everyone at TOM TAILOR is working hard to deliver good results and insures: We will do it!

In particular, we provided consulting and supported TOM TAILOR on the management report as well as the non-financial report in accordance with §§ 289, 315 HGB and, in close cooperation with those responsible in the company, fully met the legal requirements for the mandatory part of the report.

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Commit and deliveer
Tom Tailor Geschäftsbericht
Tom Tailor Geschäftsbericht
Tom Tailor Geschäftsbericht
Tom Tailor Geschäftsbericht
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