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SPEED AND RELIABILITY characterize the long-term cooperation with New Work. You can rely on us, even if the timings are ambitious and the image part has to be conceived, layouted and implemented within a week. IR and CSR teams appreciate our pace and uncomplicated approach to make things easy. Reliable availability and great implementation strength are just as important to New Work in working with us as our editorial work on management report texts or the comprehensive plausibility checks throughout the report.

New Work's second CSR report once again impresses with its clear structure along the five action areas. Large lead photos with corresponding icons and a core message introduce the reader to the respective field of action. Top priorities are highlighted for easy identification.

Business and CSR reports share a uniform format and are merged in printed production using a tab on the back of the annual report. The back of the sustainability report is pushed into this tab so that both titles are always visible from the outside.

XING Inhalte

With its brands, services and products, NEW WORK SE is committed to a more fulfilling working world. The company is writing a success story that has been going on for almost 16 years. Founded as the professional network OpenBC, NEW WORK SE democratized vitamin B in the German-speaking region. It goes without saying that the vast majority of working people now build their own network on XING.

New Work SE includes the professional network Xing, the employer evaluation platform Kununu, the tech-focused job platform Honeypot, the applicant management software Prescreen and the expat network Internations. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006 and is headquartered in Hamburg. XING is the leading social network for professional contacts in the German-speaking countries. New Work SE has been growing for many years. And the success story continues in 2018. The current annual report illustrates the constant further development of the company with the current topics around "New Work" and "E Recuiting". New products and solutions are presented and the advantages of the network for its users are highlighted.