Professional Corporate Communication
for a complex world

As the pace of information accelerates and the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demands on corporate communications are growing considerably. In these challenging conditions, professional communications are a more important competitive factor than ever before.

We help our clients to make communication the key to their business success. We show you where to focus your efforts and which audiences to target with different content via different channels to ensure that each individual action marks a tangible step towards integrated communications.

In a crowded marketplace, identifying social trends, competition, your core capabilities and stakeholder expectations is essential for successfully positioning your company. We advise our clients on launches, brand management and repositioning and help them to bring these plans to fruition across all media and publications worldwide.

We bring your identity, corporate culture and positioning to life, helping you with everything from developing a systematic cross-media strategy to visual implementation and spatial presentation. Throughout the process, we pay equal attention to both the smallest detail and the bigger picture to create brands with a distinctive character.

We also have many years of experience in crisis communication. In the event of a crisis, every company must find suitable answers for internal and external communication for its stakeholders. Hardly any company is spared from this in times of Corona.

Crisis communication becomes an issue itself especially when things are not going well. An unfortunate wording, complete silence, denying, submerging, dismissing responsibility: the list of possible mistakes is even be longer. It is therefore advisable to publish information promptly, avoid speculation and instead focus on empathy and care paired with facts.


  • Branding/Brand Communication

  • Corporate Design & identity

  • Corporate storytelling

  • Corporate campaigns

  • Corporate publishing & magazines

  • Employer branding

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  • Internal & crisis communication

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