creating trust
is all that matters

To inform honestly, factually and to the point, to clarify questions and to maintain the dialogue continuously.

That is what we do. With more than 30 years of experience, we support corporate investor relations (IR) of companies and financial press relations respectively financial public relations (PR). Always integrated. Entirely from one source or only selectively supporting. Because we like to work with our customers' existing departments and service providers in a spirit of trust, in order to jointly convey uniform messages to the financial and capital market participants - based on just one briefing and a common understanding of the relevant target groups.

We have the best contacts and maintain continuous exchange with investors, analysts, fund companies and financial institutions as well as press representatives at home and abroad. After all, we ourselves were for many years job-related a "target group" and have a CRM database that has grown over the years and is second to none.

We also support our customers in personal development, for example through coaching to prepare investor or press talks or perception studies. If necessary, we also support the financing directly - with meaningful presentations of the equity or debt story and preparatory talks with potential investors (stakeholder targeting).

Our standards are integrated financial communication and trustworthy investor relations:

  • Investor Relations (IR)

  • Fixed Income IR

  • IR-Consulting

  • IR-Outsourcing

  • Financial Public Relations (PR)

  • Coaching

  • Stakeholder Targeting